Johan Reisang (born 1984 in Narvik) is a Norwegian artist living and working in Berlin.

His studio is located in an old factory in East Berlin (HB55 - Räume der kunst), which is now home to an international art collective.

Originally fro Telemark county and the north of Norway, he moved to Oslo in 2004 to study fine art, focusing on drawing and oil-painting.

He has always had a preference for line art and his style is often easy to recognize by its dramatic and exaggerated style.

While living in Norway until 2010, and afterwards in the US and Poland until 2014, his works were dark and bordering the grotesque.

Images from the psychiatric centers where he worked, as well as a general sense of alienation and unease, were typical themes that he was addressing.

A significant shift in style followed his move to Berlin in 2014.

Twisted figures, big-eyed owls, and other creations, often presented with a harmonious and delicate use of colors, are starting to take their place more and more in Reisang’s world.

The screams have stopped, giving way to a positive and balanced aesthetic which is more poetic, entertaining and beautiful.